2015 MLB All Star Game

Last week the Comissioner Bud Selig announced that the 2015 All Star game will take place at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. I am going to start saving my money from now untill July of 2015 to go to the All Star Game and Home Run Derby. I will be 17 in 2015 so I would be able to drive down to Cincinnati by myself and go ballhawking at the All Star Game and Home Run Derby.

I am very excited about this and so is Cincinnati.


I am hoping to get seats in Left Field probably in the upper deck bleacher, because those will be way cheaper. I think those seats will be pretty good for home runs during the Home Run Derby. I’m hoping to snag some commemorative baseballs while I am there.

Also this year I am planning on going to 4-6 MLB games. Most of them will be in Cincinnati, maybe one or two will be in Chicago.


I’m Baaaack

I’m back baby! Hey everybody, I am so very sorry about not blogging for a couple of months, but I am going to get started on blogging again. 2012 was an OK year for ballhawking. I only attended 3 MLB games and snagged a total of one baseball. I went to 2 minor league games and snagged a total of 3 baseballs. Yeah, a pretty brutal year if you ask me. In 2013 I am planning on going to a lot more games, and snagging a lot more baseballs.

In 2013 my goals are to go to 5 MLB games, snag 8 baseballs from MLB games, go to 10 minor league games and snag 20 baseballs. I am also going to try to blog 2 or 3 times a week now.

I never had a chance to blog about my last game in 2012. I went to the Reds vs Dodgers on September 22 and got to see my Reds clinch the NL Central. But sadly, I did not snag a baseball on that day.

If anybody has any ideas of what I should blog about soon, please comment your ideas. Once again I am sorry for not blogging in half a year.

5/30/2012 at Marlins Park

Today I was in Florida at my grandparents house. I had to drive two and a half hours to Miami.  The car ride is so boring, the whole time you just drive through the Everglades, there is nothing to look at, at all. Anyway when we got to Miami, we went to see South Beach. But it wasn’t as cracked up as it seems to be. After we left South Beach we headed to Marlins Park.

When we (as in my brother, my dad, my grandparents, and me) first walked up to the stadium there was almost no one waiting to get in early. I thought I will snag so many baseballs, but when I first walked in I saw this:

Yes, that’s right they didn’t take BP. I asked like five ushers why there was no BP, but nobody knew why. Then finally this usher told me that when it rained the stadium’s roof didn’t start on time and the field was wet so they didn’t want to tear it up. I know that is lame right. Here is the article about it: http://miami.marlins.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20120530&content_id=32508726&notebook_id=32508730&vkey=notebook_mia&c_id=mia

Since I had nothing to do I walked around and took some pics.

Here is the home run sculpture in left center, notice the layers it has:

Here is a view from straight-away left field.

Here is the view from down the first base line:

Here is another view down the first base line:

And finally here is one more view down the first base line:

I hung out there for a while waiting for the Nationals to come out and throw. But even an hour before the game starts the usher kicked me out of the section because I didn’t have a ticket for that section. This stadium is not fan-friendly at all, it is very strict.

Here is the home run sculpture in left field:

Then I moved here behind John Buck throwing with Josh Johnson:

They were using a commemorative ball but of course they didn’t toss it to me. It was that kind of night.

Before first pitch I checked this out:

That is a bobblehead museum with over 600 bobbleheads.

Of course I took a picture of my favorite player’s bobblehead:

Joey Votto! The game was pretty exciting. Giancarlo Stanton is on fire he hit another homer. Here is the home run sculpture going off after he hit his home run:

Here is Giancarlo Stanton after he hit his home run:

Here is one more picture of Giancarlo Stanton:

In the bottom of the 8th inning I snuck  down behind the dugout:

The usher didn’t even say anything. So it takes 8 innings for the ushers to be relaxed.

I took some cool pictures while I was down there. Here is Heath Bell closing out the game in the ninth inning:

Here is Adam LaRoche stepping up to the plate:

Here is Adam LaRoche taking a pitch:

Adam LaRoche hit a double on this swing:

It took me 9 innings to notice how steep the seats are in right field if anyone is ballhawking up  there be careful the seats are very steep:

Here is Heath Bell again with Jose Reyes behind him:

Here is Ian Desmond batting:

Here is Ian Desmond hitting a foul ball:

Here is the home run sculpture for one last time:

After the game the umpire didn’t toss any balls into the crowd and the Nationals bullpen didn’t have anything to toss into the crowd either. The finals score was 5-3, with the Marlins winning. It was a fun day but it was just disappointing that I didn’t catch a ball and I probably won’t be back to this stadium in 10 years or so. My next game should be either sometime in June or July, I don’t have anything planned though.

Here is one final picture of Marlins Park I took before I left:

Oh yeah I almost forgot here is the shirt I am giving away for the contest. Here is the front:

Here is the tag. It is an extra large but it probably fits all after being washed:

Here is the back of the shirt:

Remember the contest starts on June 3. Like I said my next game won’t be untill the middle of June or July, I don’t have any plans so I don’t know what city the game will be at when I go to my next game.


Driving to Florida

Well I arrived at my grandparents house in Ft Myers, FL and let me say it was a long drive. It was a 17 hour drive from Indianapolis to Ft Myers. But it was worth it since I am going to the Miami Marlins game on Wednesday. We drove through some big cities too, to get there and I took some pictures.

The first big city we drove through was Louisville.

Here is the city in front of the Ohio River:

Here is the Louisville Bats minor league stadium:

Here is another picture of the stadium, notice you can see the right field foul pole:

Here is another picture of downtown:

And another picture of downtown Louisville:

Here is the University of Louisville’s football field:

The next big city was Nashville:

Here is LP Field, home of the Tennessee Titans:

Here is another picture of LP Field:

Then there are a lot of big hills in Southern Tennessee:


Here is a picture of downtown Atlanta:

Here is another picture of Atlanta:

Then we drove by Turner Field:

Here is a better picture of Turner Field:

And here is one final picture:

Well now I’m in Florida. So Wednesday I will be in Miami at the Marlins game. I’m pretty excited. I will write a huge post about the game. I’m hoping to snag a lot of baseballs. Wish me luck!



That is right I am doing a contest! I am going to buy something at the Marlins game and give it away to a lucky reader. I dont know what to give away so I am going to do a vote. Just comment on this post for which item you want me to give away.

A Gaby Sanchez T-Shirt (This is the promotion they are giving out at the game)

A Marlins Hat

This contest is a thank you gift to my readers. The contest will start on June 3 and end on July 31. To enter in this contest you have to leave a comment on my blog every comment will get your name on a slip of paper that will go into a hat. When the contest is over I will draw a name from the hat and whoever wins will win the Marlins item. Good luck! Remember to vote for what you want to be given away.