5/12/2012 at Victory Field

I want to apologize that I havent had a post in over a week. My baseball season just ended so i will have a lot more free time to write now. Anyway so I went to the Indianapolis Indians game last Saturday with my middle school baseball team, well a few of us. The whole team was invited, but only 4 of us went, me, my bros Bryan, Jake and Austin. I am the starting pitcher/centerfielder/shortstop. Bryan is also the starting pitcher/shortstop/centerfielder. Austin is the staring left fielder. Jake is the back up second baseman. Alright back to the game. I was about five minutes late to the game because my brother had a baseball game of his own. So I got to the stadium around 5:50 the gates opended at 5:45. Right when I ran in I went to left field to find my teamate Austin, but then I took a look at the field and they were already taking down the cages. What kind of team lets the fans see 5 minutes of BP and then take the cages down.

So since I could not get any balls during BP I started looking for balls hiding in the bushy berm in center field. I didnt see anything in my reach. But behind the bushes there are some trees so I looked through the trees and saw a ball sitting there. I would show you a picture of the ball sitting in the trees but I left my camera at home :(. But I will show you a picture of Victory Field:

Like I was saying I checked the bushy berm in straightaway center, but nothing. The ball I found was behind the trees in straight away center so I told an usher about the ball and he said he would get somebody to get it. After ten minutes of waiting on somebody nobody came. During that 10 minute span Austin and I found Jake. I found a Security guard and told him about the ball. He went and got it for me and tossed it to me. It was my first minor league baseball. After all this Bryan finally came. Bryan is my best friend, so I have been teaching him about ballhawking. My other best friend Quienton, who if you remember took me to the Reds game last month, could not make it to the game. I wish he could have so I could help him and Bryan ballhawk.

So after I got my ball, the whole Indians team was giving out autographs in the concourse. I didnt get there in time to get all of them, but I got Jeff Clement’s, Jeff Larish’s Rudy Owens’, Doug Slaten’s, and Kris Watts’ autographs. After that the game had already started so my teamates and I headed to our seats. We were about 10 rows behind home plate. A few times we went up to the upper deck to try to catch a foul ball. I was the closest one, I was standing in the highest row in the upper deck above me and there was a foul ball hit about 10 feet to my left. I sprinted to the spot I thought it was going to land at, but sadly I watched go over my head into the suites where an older man picked it up.

We went back to our seats and enjoyed the game. In the ninth it was tied 2-2. Jake left in the top of the ninth. The game ended up going to extras. Austin left in the bottom of the tenth, so it was just me and Bryan. In the twelveth the Tides, took a 4-2 lead. But during the 12th inning me and Bryan moved to empty seats right behind the third base dugout. While we were sitting there, there was a foul ball hit by Matt Antoneli hit to the third base coach Ron Johnson. Ron tossed the ball to a group of 10 year olds sitting to the right of me and Bryan. There was probably 5 kids and they were all wearing gloves but they all fumbled the ball and it rolled right to me and Bryan. During this 5 second span Bryan and me went from best friends to opponents. We both reached down for the ball and had a little scrum for it but I came out on top. It was my first foul ball. But since Bryan had never caught a ball and it couldve been his I offered it to him immediately.

He rejected the offer and said it is just part of ballhawking. The Indians ended up tying the game up again in the 12th, to even the score at 4. I tried to get Bryan a ball but to no avail, he got shut out. Bryan and I both left after the 13th inning because both of our families were tired and wanted to go home. The game ended up going to the 14th with the Indians winning 5-4 on a walk off hit. When we drove by I saw the score was 5-4 and I told my mom we shouldv’e stayed for one more inning and we would have seen a walk off. But oh well. I still got 2 baseballs in a long extra inning game.

Minor League Stats

Game: 2 Balls

Season: 2 Balls

Career: 2 Balls

1 Game Ball this season

3 Total balls including MLB Games this year.

Here are my two balls for the day:

The one on the left is the one I found in center and the one on the right is the foul ball.

Here are the sweet spots:



  1. Quinn

    Theu never have BP open to the public In Triple A just to let you know. You should have stayed at the end by the Norfolk Tide dugout to try and get a broken bat, ball, lineup card ect. But good job, 2 balls Is good.

    • teenredsfan

      Quinn- That was the first time I have tried ballhawking at a minor league game I didnt know a lot so I was just doing what I do at MLB games. The next Indians game I go to I will go to the visitors dugout and try to get some of that stuff. That would be pretty cool.

      • Quinn

        Okay, I’m actually going to a Bisons gamew tonight because theyt are opening the gates 2 hours early. I’m not on nybisons anymore because Austin kicked me off. I have 41 baseballs and 4 broken bats this season in going to 6 Triple A games.

  2. teenredsfan

    Quinn- You have a good start to season! Have fun at the Bisons game. How come Austin kicked you off? You guys were the best bloggers together.

  3. Quinn

    I copied a tweet on Twitter and he got mad. I now have 67 balls and 5 broken bats on the season. I went on Friday and got 17 baseballs and a broken bat and I just came back from seeing the Indianapolis Indians face the Bisons and I got 9 baseballs including 2 foul balls.

    • teenredsfan

      He kicked you off just because you copied a tweet. Wow, thats harsh. You are having a great season though, pretty cool that you got to see my Indians. You should start your own blog, I enjoyed reading your posts.

      • Quinn

        Yeah, he takes things to serious sometimes. It was cool seeing your Indians play. They are very fan friendly and were talking to me because I was wearing a Indians hat and pirates shirt. I will start my own blog soon, but just not know. Until school lets out.

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