Going to Florida

On Saturday I am leaving from Florida. I am going to my grandparents house in Ft. Myers for a whole week. That is isnt as boring as it sounds because their house is right next to the beach and a mini golf course. From Indianapolis to Ft Myers is about a 19 hour drive. Wish me luck I have 3 younger siblings in the car with me, they are 11, 5, and 4. So I bet they will annoy me. I will take some pictures while I am on my way there and post them on this blog. I will be driving into Louisville, Nashville, and Atlanta. ( We will drive right by Turner Field) But the most exciting thing about this road trip is what I am going to do on Wednesday. My brother, dad, grandma, grandpa, and I are taking a 3 hour drive from Ft Myers to Miami for one day and we are going to a Nationals vs. Marlins game at Marlins Park. I will take tons of pictures and write a post about the game. So I am pretty excited about this roadtrip. I will be returning home on Sunday, June 3. Wish me luck at Marlins Park! Who else is going to Marlins Park this year?



    • teenredsfan

      Danny- I have been trying to talk my parents into taking me to a Miracle game also, but they keep saying we will be too busy while we are in Florida to go to two baseball games. I will still be going to Marlins Park though.

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