I’m Baaaack

I’m back baby! Hey everybody, I am so very sorry about not blogging for a couple of months, but I am going to get started on blogging again. 2012 was an OK year for ballhawking. I only attended 3 MLB games and snagged a total of one baseball. I went to 2 minor league games and snagged a total of 3 baseballs. Yeah, a pretty brutal year if you ask me. In 2013 I am planning on going to a lot more games, and snagging a lot more baseballs.

In 2013 my goals are to go to 5 MLB games, snag 8 baseballs from MLB games, go to 10 minor league games and snag 20 baseballs. I am also going to try to blog 2 or 3 times a week now.

I never had a chance to blog about my last game in 2012. I went to the Reds vs Dodgers on September 22 and got to see my Reds clinch the NL Central. But sadly, I did not snag a baseball on that day.

If anybody has any ideas of what I should blog about soon, please comment your ideas. Once again I am sorry for not blogging in half a year.



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